• Karebear


  • GEM


    PhD, Rhetoric & Prof. Comm, Tech & Scientific Comm, quantum stories: Acoustic Rhetoric: Vital Materialism's Diffractions

  • Chicago For Bernie

    Chicago For Bernie

    Grassroots movement supporting @BernieSanders campaign for President. #Bernie2016 *Illinois Primary is 03/15/16* Register to Vote! http://voteforbernie.org

  • Kevin Kresse

    Kevin Kresse

    Writer, Educator, Editor, Strategic Thinker, Organizer, Analyst, Duke University M.A.

  • Andy Kirn

    Andy Kirn

    Never swim alone

  • Miriam Danielle

    Miriam Danielle

    I was honored to be 1 of the 700 arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge on 10/1/11. OWS changed me! Justice for ALL the people LET'S MAKE HAPPEN!

  • Jenny Jinx™®©°

    Jenny Jinx™®©°

    A civil libertarian, liberal, talker of trash, eater of pie, dropper of the f-bomb & breaker of stuff. Supports #Equality. PhD in sarcasm. WATBs get mocked.

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