Hillary versus Biden versus Trump

Here is how I see things. Donald Trump is a dumpster fire and you have to put out the fire before you can put more trash “Biden” in the dumpster.

Last time we saw was an aggressive campaign by Trump against Hillary. Trump had never been an established politician to know exactly what he would stand for and do. Hillary had been a politician and in that area for quite a long time and was very disliked.

So what happened was Trump became Hillary over these four years of his presidency. He became the hated one which amounted to him losing losing votes rather than gaining. There are areas where he gained some but he lost some as well.

Biden didn't do a significant outreach to anyone but Republicans. This brought him nothing. It was the dislike of Trump that activated so many people across the country to vote that hadn't been part of the system before and they voted against Trump not for Biden. However what we saw was a small amount of the minority vote that Biden never reached out to leave him and some of them actually went to Trump because they did outreach not much but more than none..

Courting voters does work. Biden simply assumed some people had to vote for him because they couldn't vote for Trump. He was wrong, he was very wrong. This election should not even have been this close. So why was it this close? Joe Biden's spent a significant amount of time trying to get Republicans to vote for him instead of Trump. That doesn't even make sense and the results are showing that. You see Joe Biden is actually Republican. He is a democrat in name only that has never embraced a slightly progressive agenda.

He courted Republicans because they are his people. He's part of that old school where Republicans and Democrats are the same mostly old white guys who dine together, hang out together and golf together. They conspire against minorities and people at the bottom of the economic system. They simply expect you to support them because you can't support the other guy. Everyone on the other side becomes the boogieman when it's election time and their best friend when it's not election time.

They are all using and robbing us. Never vote for any of them again.




TrillSouth DigiPimp of trillsouth.com — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist

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TrilSouth Off the Dome

TrilSouth Off the Dome

TrillSouth DigiPimp of trillsouth.com — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist

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