Is Trump Orchestrating a Coup?

We want to doubt but some of the signs are there.

Dare we start with him not believing he lost? If he won regardless of the circumstances he would believe it. But when he loses he doesn’t believe it and that is your first signal. Hasn't everyone even as a child played a game even a boardgame or something with someone if they lose has to say you were cheating but if they win it's legitimate they are just winners.

Trump got several million votes less than Biden. There is actually a portion of the 72 million Trump votersthat are willing to accept his loss. However he has empowered a lot of white supremacist and wannabe militias that are happy to kill. These are what it takes to pull off a coup. Several thousand people who are willing to fight and kill to protect your coup.

Fire much of the department of defense in the country in order to place your loyalists in. We have seen several people in the department of finance and the secretary of defense Esper was fired via tweet. So weakening the department of defense to be able to pull the coup off. So he is moving lifelong professionals to install loyalists.

So first we have not accepting the election results and a government full of loyalist being created. What is there to prevent him from this? Well the military appears to say they serve the constitution not the politicians. However the president is commander-in-chief. I'm not sure how confident I feel in their ability to refuse illegitimate orders from him. I do believe there is a significant portion of the military that supports Trump and I'm not sure how big that portion is.

We have many Trump supporters throughout the Government and all of the state. Including representatives, senators, state representatives state senators and even governors. We have a Democrat party that is not very progressive and even seems like what the Republicans would have been 30 or 40 years ago. So I would say we have a somewhat weak and divided government at this moment in time. We are in the midst of a pandemic as well which has a weekend our country greatly.

I think we are ripe for a crew to be pulled off here but as we all think I' don’tm believe Trump is intelligent enough to pull it off. He does have a lot of bad advisers behind the scenes that look to these things and retaining power for themselves. He's a toddler and is able to be easily influenced with these people behind the scenes putting thoughts into his head for him to react to. They aren't thoughts that he will react to with positive actions they are -ones that scare him on purpose to make him react to fulfill their personal fantasies for power.

I am pretty sure it's a battle behind the scenes. There has to be someone in his inner circle that wants him to just go off and go home and take on presidential post life Ivanka is the person I thought it could be and I won't go into the reasons for that because they're not all good. So he is easily influence self-centered selfish and surrounded by a group of people that have their interests to live through a president this does not make me hopeful. Many of the people that think this is not happening think so because this has never happened in the United States. But it happens all across the globe at sometime and it Hass to happen here just hopefully not now.

Do you have faith in any of the different groups of people? The Republicans, Democrats, the inner circle or the military?




TrillSouth DigiPimp of — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist

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TrilSouth Off the Dome

TrilSouth Off the Dome

TrillSouth DigiPimp of — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist

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