Joe Biden Is A 90’s Republican! I’m A Progressive!

Come on man. You know how he likes to say that to her virtually anything that's directed at him to challenge him. He likes to think his cabinet is progressive. But they might be progressive if you were a 1990s style Republican. But if you're actually progressive they're kind of horrible.

Neera Tanden who is one of the last ones has spent much of her time on Twitter attacking progressives. She is in the process of scraping her entire Twitter account and deleting all of these attacks that she has done against anyone that is even close to progressive.

She is a typical establishment hack. It is possible to find establishment hacks that are of other ethnicities than just plain white. Your ethnicity alone does not make you progressive and entitle you to a cabinet position that you want to say is progressive when it's establishment.

This is what they called a democrat 30 years ago. Democrats of 30 years ago why not progressive. They passed and push things like the crime bill to lock more people are like Biden and Bill Clinton did. They wanted corporate tax cuts and crime bills against minorities. It waswho Trump actually was until ego fully took over with becoming president and he felt more free to let his true racism out. Such as the central park five that he wanted the death penalty for who were not guilty but were black. Much the same as Biden 30 years ago if there was a crime and you were a minority then they thought you were guilty automatically.

Trump is not gone yet and after today's so-called interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News. He ranted for 30 minutes about conspiracies even accused the department of justice and FBI of rigging the election against him. I am not sure he's gone yet but if he's gone Biden is not progressive and our fight is not done! So there's no time to rest we have to fight to remove Trump and then we have to fight to remove Biden after his four years. We don't want Kamala Harris presidency we need a true progressive and in 2 years we can push for more progressive in congress.



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