Lost respect for Trump supporters you know personally.

They are an interesting cult. They believe Hannity and Pirro but those two don’t even believe themselves. Those two do this purely for money that it earns them through the ratings and advertisements sold through their shows and celebrity.

If it makes you money I understand your support even though I don't agree with it. But if it's not making you money are you really that dumb? Ifyou are a part of the Trump cult than that really isn't a question.

I'm sure we all know someone dumb enough to actually believe that he is genuine and means the things he says. That he is making this a better place and the Democrats are purely evil. but everything he has was given to him by his daddy or stolen from people.

So if you are a supporter and member of this cult then you expose your true self. It is ignorance and or hate and prejudice also racism. So it's not worth arguing with these people that are a part of this cult. I just simply have lost respect for them and some of them I never would have had respect for anyway.

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