Pelosi CNN Meltdown means ….

Stimulus isn’t going to happen now or at all

I was actually tuned in live today when Nancy Pelosi on the show with Wolf Blitzer had a meltdown. He actually questioned her in a way that made sense and pressed her on not passing the stimulus because she didn't want to give Trump credit.

Now the first thing to know is Trump is not pushing for a stimulus because he's honorable. He's using it as an attempt to pay off voters hoping to get their vote even after all of his failures. He has already failed and now the Democrats are too. She got visibly flustered at every moment anytime he didn't agree with her.

She went back and forth and even at one point after questioning she appeared to be leaning towards pulling her microphone off an ending the interview. He pressed the questions as he realized the stimulus would help the citizens whether they supported him or her. Wolf appeared to express legitimate concerns for the masses.

Now get something this is not likely to ever pass. However, if it doesn't pass now it likely won't pass at all. After the election Trump will no longer be attempting to buy the vote as he won't care. McConnell currently does not support a stimulus and it takes house, senate and president to pass something together. Never again will all three align.

McConnell won’t support unless Trump forced his hand. Trump will only support now to try and buy votes. Pelosi will support after the election only.

This likely is the last chance it can happen and they are all playing politics instead of caring about our lives. Right now is literally the only chance that it could pass all three positions. Be prepared this winter may be the worst of our lives. Plan and put into action quickly. We are on our own.

I wish I had better news but this is what I observed and were my thoughts and I thought I would quickly share them.




TrillSouth DigiPimp of — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist

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TrilSouth Off the Dome

TrilSouth Off the Dome

TrillSouth DigiPimp of — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist

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