I have not been a voter most of my life, but I received my ballot in the mail today. I am in Texas so I have doubts about whether it will get counted but I am going to send it in in the next two or three days.

I hope you will get out and vote early. I won't tell you who to vote for but I will tell you don't vote for Trump. Vote for progress and unity. I fear that the pandemic as it is doing now will get much worse by November 4. Your polling place may have Trump zombies watching it. The pandemic will likely be much worse by then. We are beginning to reach above 80,000 cases daily and could possibly see 100,000 daily by the boat day. That means the deaths will be increasing as well. Trump zombies will be at least places watching and voting not wearing masks.

Be safe and be aware in early if you are able to. Texas is a difficult place to vote early and in my case currently being disabled as a result of the insurance company denying everything I need. Voting by mail is even harder. It may be more difficult but I will still try and attempt to vote for progress. That will be much safer and Texas also it does not track your ballot so I am not able to do that. Many states have Republican Congress which is fighting against your right to vote. Republican governors are pairing with them to make this even more difficult. If you are able to vote in person make sure you vote down ballot for progress additionally so we can remove those who are fighting to infringe on our rights.

I wish you a safe time and being able to get your boat in. I hope you will understand what we are going through and how to hold those responsible for it and vote for progress.

TrillSouth DigiPimp of trillsouth.com — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist