War On Thanksgiving WTF Not Again

For years we have seen the right wing media latch onto the war on Christmas and now with the pandemic we have what they are calling a war on Thanksgiving.

The right wing is really stretching the truth as far as they can. Well let's be honest there's not even truth involved in this on their part. For years and years as I was growing up I can always remember the right wing preaching about a war on Christmas. Now they've moved on to a war on Thanksgiving currently.

We are in a pandemic in which numbers are rising in nearly every state in the area of the entire country. We have finally at last minute had the CDC recommend people not traveling via flights for Thanksgiving or engaging in large gatherings. They did this a little late but I guess it's better than never maybe.

The right wing and the Trump cult loves the culture war.They declare everything about being truly American is being prevented by the so-called left. In fact we have had Christmas as long as I have been alive even though I personally don't celebrate it. Christmas is not pure American holiday. But don't say Xmas or they might freak out even more.

But now it's American to have a big turkey football game and a huge gathering. So your gathering involves elderly people I'm sure and other people who may be very vulnerable to COVID-19. I believe Trump said after the election everyone would quit talking about it. But it is getting worse and continuing to grow and spread even in the Midwest where they felt it wasn't having much of an impact originally.

I think whats native to this country and I hate use the word native here because there was a genocide of Native Americans attempted by this country to steal the land. It was also an enslavement of Africans Americans and now there is still an enslavement of the lower income people of the country who many are minority with the jail and prison system.

So if you're lucky to celebrate even with a small group then enjoy it and be thankful. Many people are not able to celebrate any of these holidays at all. Do you know when I write these they're short and random many times just off the top of my head at the moment to address a few issues. Is this a disclaimer I don't know it's just how I do things.




TrillSouth DigiPimp of trillsouth.com — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist

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TrilSouth Off the Dome

TrilSouth Off the Dome

TrillSouth DigiPimp of trillsouth.com — Southern hip hop & Politics / Prepare for the worst and hope for the best / Democratic Socialist

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